DSL funding hack projects (vote test)

To bring more awesome hacking into DSL.


  • All I know is, my gut says 'maybe'

    • Rogivue is pro

      I vote against not voting

      • Marc you're supposed to be neutral. I'll tell the consulate to come collect your passport.

      • I quite like issues being discussed face-to-face. Those who care enough or te find a proxy vote, but I suggest we can get much clearer opinions via this medium.... (except my proposal was wiped out)

    • seems all my typing describing the proposal died The "Proposed implementations" displays nothing... this might not work.

Proposed implementations

    1. You can either support a proposal or refuse it.

    2. And you can take it down in your watch list.

    3. Have a look at the informations concerning the proposal...

    4. ...add keywords for this proposal...

    5. ...or you can share the proposal with your friends on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

    6. It is not possible to evaluate just the comments.

    7. ...you can also have a look at the responses provided...

    8. ...you can even write an answer to an argument...

    9. ...and introduce new arguments.

    10. Or you can play an active role in suggesting proposals or introducing alternatives.